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1. Trikke Infomercial - 10min

Trikke Infomercial - 10min

This is the Trikke infomercial that was broadcasted in spring. It shows the Trikke fun & fitness combination.

2. Trikke-Infomercial-Part2.flv


The second 10 minutes of the Trikke Infomercial.

3. Trikke-Infomercial-Part3.flv


The last part of the Trikke Infomercial.

4. Trikke infomercial 2007

  • Published: Sep 15, 2011
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By TrikkeG

5. Aaron Priceman Trikke

Aaron Priceman Trikke

Aaron Priceman host's the long running internationally successful family of Trikke Scooter Infomercials.

6. TRIKKE T12 Roadster Fitness

  • Published: Apr 06, 2008
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By Controllz
TRIKKE T12 Roadster Fitness

Testing the trikke t12 movements. - Like and Subscribe!

7. Trikke On The Doctors

Trikke On The Doctors

Bikes of the Future segment on the Doctors TV program.

8. Trikke LED light kit

Trikke LED light kit

This kit is super easy to install and a neat way to blast your carver at night.



Presenting the #Trikke SP33DER ...Undoubtedly the newest rising star in the field of electric personal vehicles. Stay tuned!

10. Trevor - Trikke Promo at AVP tournament

Trevor - Trikke Promo at AVP tournament

Fun promo for Trikke where Trevor was told to "be cocky" and show no mercy.



Abiertos para servir en ESPANOL: Ventas de Trikkes, Razor scooters, Bicicletas electricas. Servicio, reparaciones economicas. Pregunte de sus leciones GRATIS/comentos, su Favorito Buki Marco Antonio.

12. TRiKKE hill climbing

13. Trikke for Fitness

Trikke for Fitness

Yes, it's a full body workout!!exercise/c12hk.

14. Trikke on EXTRA

Trikke on EXTRA

Hollywood is loving the Trikke, check out the showcase of celebs riding the new fun fitness vehicle on the Television show EXTRA.

15. Buellton Trikke Endurance 40 May 2012 part1

  • Published: May 13, 2012
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By Trikke Andy
Buellton Trikke Endurance 40 May 2012 part1

Buellton Trikke Endurance 40 group powers up for a day of carving. Carb up!!

16. Trikke Freestyle T67

Trikke Freestyle T67

Guys ripping around on the Trikke and popping the biggest airs and freestyle tricks.

17. Ejercicio con el Trikke

Ejercicio con el Trikke

El entrenador personal Alejandro Itier, que tiene una prótesis en una pierna, muestra cómo utiliza el Trikke.

18. Trikke 8 Commercial

Trikke 8 Commercial

This is our spoof commercial of the Trikke 8 scooter.

19. Trikke Fun + Fitness

Trikke Fun + Fitness

This is Fun + Fitness on a whole new level: Trikke. The world leader in 3-point carving vehicle brings you more models for all ages and riding levels to carve up the streets, hills, and anywhere...

20. What's your Trikke Adventure?

What's your Trikke Adventure?

Greg shows off a typical peaceful day on his Trikke.