【EDIT 5/7/2018:】Holy Heck!!! I can't believe this video finally became my most popular... I didn't think anything was ever gonna end up beating that mistake of a t̶w̶e̶r̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶m̶i̶k̶u video i uploaded lmao..... but anyways I really appreciate all the attention and support I've received on this video!! I'm really happy everyone has liked it so much. Q v Q
Now... you may be wondering.. why I've disabled the comments... First of all, I do really apologize for having done so but.... the comments have only been growing ever more frequent. they haven't let up. and I do appreciate them, yes but... I am getting pretty tired of the notifications now. Especially since, they literally all say the same. exact. thing. over. and over. and over. again. literally everyone just keeps saying "I've made it to so and so note!" i mean EVERYBODY. EVERYBODY KEEPS TELLING ME WHAT THEY MADE IT TO. AND THATS GREAT I'M RLY PROUD OF YOU BUT... BUT..... ;A; i like getting notifications for the comments i receive, it makes me really happy. everytime i think i get a new one though, i end up seeing its only for this video, and it just says the same thing again and again everytime.... at this point, i'm actually missing out on the comments i get for other videos, bc most of them are only for this one... i don't wanna miss out on other comments anymore. ;A;

So. I'm very sorry for having done this. But I hope you all will understand and respect the decision. I really hope you will all continue to enjoy the video despite having disabled the comments. I mean, at least you can still share your achievements amongst friends right?? ^^;

Thank you all again so much for watching and listening. I hope you'll have a lovely day/night now~♡ heheh ^^;

- - -

【EDIT 9/29/2017:】 Hey guys, I'm happy you all have been able to pass or almost pass the high or low tests, but can you please stop commenting about it? ^^; its just getting a bit annoying seeing the same comments over and over and over again... especially since it just blows up my notifications constantly so yeah.... thanks! ^^; i dont wanna disable comments since none of them have been negative really, but sometime in the future i may if they continue bc it gets really annoying after a while!! ;~;

- - -


※i'm kinda mass uploading btw since i have no internet at home tbh so lol

anyways, not 100% sure about the low range lyrics, as i mainly kinda improvised and.. idk just basing off the high range lyrics and my limited knowledge of japanese i did the best i could. its highly likely i made mistakes and its inacurrate.

also, i improvised a lot with the english translation and general. i kinda wanted it to idk... i just wanted to put my own little spin on it kinda so i did.

all lyrics are based on the lyrics here:

※VSQx by Spacey-P:
※Music & Lyrics by Kimurawai-P

LOW VOCAL RANGE TEST (my personal favorite):
※UST by thibaud76200:
※Music & Lyrics by Kimurawai-P i think??

※Vocaloid: Kaito V3 Straight
※Programs used: Studio One 3, Piapro Studio, Sony Vegas
※Artwork by kinokoeringi! --


※Tumblr [main]:
※Vocaloid Amino!: - user: xFummi(kait0taku)
※Skype: feel free to ask!
※Vent: ????? you may ask, but i'll only provide it privately, not publicly.
※Anything else?: feel free to ask for it i guess yo! ;o

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