Flo Rida - My House [Parody Video]

Flo Rida released MY HOUSE music video so I asked you, if you were rich how would you build your home? Let's take your comments and make a CRAP (Comment Raps & Parodies).
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Thank you Flo Rida for creating such a fun song and music video. I hope you like my parody version lyrics!

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Hear a knock on the door construction workers again
Gonna build my 5th house, ready to begin
No more cardboard boxes I'm so rich!
It's gonna have lots of spider pigs

It's filled with KFC chicken
but my mom cannot fit
cuz it has no toilet
It is a huge TARDIS

Welcome to my house (made in Minecraft)
It's made out of gold now
Doorbell moos like a cow
John Cena can't knock it down
Movie Theater in my house
plays shows that haven't come out
Burrito for a couch
Room full of trampolines, let's bounce

Giant Chocolate fountain
Welcome to my house (lots of turtles)
Room full of TVs
Welcome to my house (a cannon shooting a cupcake)

My fifth home pretty much is a big arcade
has a factory where white vans are made
and a pool totally filled with champagne
Chad Wild Clay's the butler and Vy's the maid

yeah it's made of chocolate
got a candy kitchen
with a really cool fridge
that cooks me sandwiches

Welcome to my house (many private jets)
Hoverboards can't burn it down
potatoes fly around
got unicorns pooping rainbows out
Welcome to my house (3 party giraffes)
made with legos throughout
Starburst inside the walls
Pool table uses meatballs

All music performed, recorded and produced by Chad Wild Clay (B.B. Bling). No copyrighted material was used. This version is all newly created music, lyrics and video.

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